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RJ Kirthana

If you find a curly haired girl running behind stray cats, chances are you’re looking right at RJ Kirthana! Animals and food are her biggest love! She aspired to become a features writer, but her mouth took over her fingers! And no, it doesn’t stop with eating. Keethu likes to experiment with cooking as well. So if you’re lucky, you just may get to taste one of her dishes.

Program : The Noon Show & Cinepedia With Rj Kirthana

Bio :

I LOVE DUBAI BCOS: of the tall dazzling buildings and the yummiest laban on Earth

MY FAVORITE 90s SHOW IS: Sapthaswarangal

AS A KID, I DREAMT OF BECOMING: a tall slim girl with super straight hair. Sigh, it’s still a dream!


ONE SUPER POWER I’D DEFINITELY WANT: to eat without gaining flabs! That’s every girl’s dream!

FOOD I CAN NEVER SHARE: Noodles and noodles only!!

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE ME: talking to cats and pigeons on the street!!

BEFORE I SLEEP: I’ll think twice if I am hungry and then cuddle into my blanket.

TO MY TAMILIAN FRIENDS IN DUBAI: Aasai theera Tamil pesalaam

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