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RJ Nithya

Nithya is a easy –go-loving girl, She interacts like the girl next door and easy catchy girl steals your heart in fraction. She is kind of person who love to do all crazy things. Tune into 89.4 Tamil Fm for LOUDSPEAKER show to know more about the one crazy cutie pie. “Life izz too short to be anybody else, Better Be you… Stand you” is her all time words.


Bio :

I LOVE DUBAI BCOS: All that glittering buildings are in Dubai 

MY FAVORITE 90s SHOW IS: Maya Machindra & Thadayam

AS A KID, I DREAMT OF BECOMING: Teacher.., Police…, Nooooo.. Executive HR Manager hahah…

MY FAV SUPERHERO WOULD BE: Popeye the Sailor man…

ONE SUPER POWER I’D DEFINITELY WANT: Shop clothes and vanish with them.. LOL

FOOD I CAN NEVER SHARE: Curd rice & Cake

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE ME: While I’m Getting scolding’s from my programming head for playing.. Hahahah

BEFORE I SLEEP: Set alarm at 5:45am, 6:00am and finally 6:30am

TO MY TAMILIAN FRIENDS IN DUBAI: Theethum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaara.


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