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RJ Mayil

Wake up Tamizha, as the name suggests is the perfect wake up call for all Tamilians living in the UAE Consisting of Current affairs, traffic updates, market matters etc.. The breakfast platter caters to every class of people. In pace with the hustle bustle of the mornings, RJ Mayil’s cheerful presentation pumps you up for the long day ahead !! Yes.. Our Own Peacock!

Program : Wake-Up Thamizha

Bio :

I LOVE DUBAI BCOS: of its sparkling and awesomatic infrastructure & natural beauty!

MY FAVORITE 90s SHOW IS: All 90's cartoons.. especially Tom & Jerry :D

AS A KID, I DREAMT OF BECOMING: A singer... (hope you all like.. ;) ;P )

MY FAV SUPERHERO WOULD BE: hmmm... adhaane! yaara irukum... (thinking...!!) 

ONE SUPER POWER I’D DEFINITELY WANT: to travel in light speed.. (so that I could travel anywhere fast-fast.. :D )

FOOD I CAN NEVER SHARE: Chips... (Na kudukkave maaten.. :P )

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE ME: talking with plants & any animals... I believe they respond to true feelings... <3

BEFORE I SLEEP: I bid gunnyt to my pet plants.. (their names are pisu-pisu & busu-busu.. :D)

TO MY TAMILIAN FRIENDS IN DUBAI: U all happy... Mayil happy... :D <3

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