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RJ Sakhi

“When you want something the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” said Paulo Coelho and that’s exactly how Sakhi became an RJ. She was about to get sucked into the corporate world but got saved just in time by 89.4 Tamil FM. She lives life to the fullest, tackling life one day at a time. Food, travel and music are the things that keep her going and she believes in spreading the happiness that she receives to everyone around. If you are experiencing a dull day and want to energize yourself then tune in to 89.4 Tamil FM and just listen to the chirpy voice of your ‘friend’ – RJ Sakhi.

Program : Good Morning Tamizha

Bio :

I LOVE DUBAI BCOS: Women are highly respected in this country and the place is clean as well as organized

MY FAVORITE 90s SHOW IS: Kaialavu Manasu

AS A KID, I DREAMT OF BECOMING: Like many 90’s kids – a doctor

MY FAV SUPERHERO WOULD BE: Not Superhero but Superwoman – my MOM!

ONE SUPER POWER I’D DEFINITELY WANT: To have the ability to stop two people, two families or probably even two countries stop fighting!

FOOD I CAN NEVER SHARE: Pani Puri and Sabudhana Kichdi...YUMMMMM!!

DON’T BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE ME: Talking to myself or suddenly start dancing in the middle of the street!

BEFORE I SLEEP: I pray that I should get a dreamless sleep and also set five different alarms to make sure that I wake up on time for my show!

TO MY TAMILIAN FRIENDS IN DUBAI: Sorgame endralum adhu namma oora pola varuma?? 


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