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RJ Swarna

RJ by passion, Professor by Profession, Swarna is a ‘Rasigai’. Everything inspires her some way or the other. Swar determines to find the best & beauty in whomever/whatever she meets with. Captivating lyrics in movie songs, magnetic phrases in books, the chirp of birds, shades of sun are the few of what attracts Swarna the most.

Program : Puththam Pudhu Kaalai

Bio :

I LOVE DUBAI BCOS: It is mindful of its people right from safety, to discipline to entertainment.

MY FAVOURITE 90’s SHOW IS: JeeBoomBaa, Chinna Paapa Periya Paapa, Marma Desam, Chidambara Ragasiyam, Veetukku Veedu Looti, Meendum Meendum Sirippu


MY FAV SUPERHERO WOULD BE: The one who can think about the goodness of others, the one who places himself in other’s shoes, he would be the one. And personally I believe that amongst everyone, there is a hidden superhero. It all lies in the way we realise it & bring him out J Also, the one who can make everyone laugh.               

ONE SUPERPOWER I’D DEFINITELY WANT: To eat without getting fat..!!

FOOD I CAN NEVER SHARE: Bisibelabath, Potato & Filter Coffee

DONT BE SURPRISED IF YOU SEE ME: Laugh hysterically anywhere ;) Yes...!! that’s what I am... If you are conscious of the place where you are, how can you laugh heartily;) ain’t I right?

BEFORE I SLEEP: There are literally miles to go..!!

TO MY TAMILIAN FRIENDS IN DUBAI: Vaazhkaiya kondaadunga makkale...!! J J                                            


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