Tamil Fm Dubai

On-air crew

RJ Madhu

Blessed with a wit quicker than Newton's third law and possessing a wanderlust soul, Madhu firmly believes in catching flights over feelings. Yes, he's got all the budget travel hacks tucked in his sleeves that even Google can't fetch you! An engineer by profession and entertainer by passion, Madhu sounds just like your friend you've always known.

RJ Kirthana

A happy-go-lucky girl graduated in Visual Communication, Kirthana aspired to become a features writer not until she auditioned for radio jockeying. Her affair with the mic doesn’t stop with talking; she also loves to sing. A complete foodie at heart, Kirthana loves cooking and experimenting with her culinary skills. Don't be amazed if you spot her in the streets of Dubai conversing with cats as she’s a hard-core cat lover!

RJ Nivedha

One glance at her would leave you thinking she's a model, yet beneath that striking personality lies a passionate director eager to craft an engaging narrative. Her chirpy self and lively conversations will resonate with you long after they're over!

RJ Bravo​

An absolute live wire who needs no introduction among the Tamil fraternity! Basking in the success of his recent Big Boss stint, Bravo is an absolute charmer both on-air and off. With his witty and relatable reels, he has earned thousands of fans on social media.

RJ Priya

Stylish, supportive and sincere; perfectly describe her. Priya, being the great listener she is, wins your heart through her warmth and non-judgmental nature. Are you a fellow dog-lover? That's all it takes to befriend Priya.

RJ Suriya

He is simply the epitome of artistic versatility! Donning many hats as a play-back singer, classical dancer and voice actor, Suriya has always been an artist since childhood. Recently conferred with an honorary doctorate for his exceptional contributions to music, Suriya shares his expertise and passion for music through his weekend show, "Unplugged with Suriya."

RJ Krishnie Manipalan

As an accomplished journalist and distinguished news anchor, Krishnie brings expertise, credibility, and a passion for storytelling to every assignment. With a commitment to delivering accurate and engaging news coverage, she has garnered the trust of audiences. Beyond her professional endeavors, she embraces a love for travel and continuous learning, exploring new horizons and seeking knowledge wherever she goes.