Tamil Fm Dubai


Putham Puthu Kaalai

As a calm start to your busy day, Vishwa brings in a refreshing dose of positivity through his warm wishes and inspirational anecdotes. A strong cup of coffee paired with the soothing melodies of Putham Puthu Kaalai sets the perfect tone for a fresh start to the day ahead!

Mersal Mornings

Worried about staying updated with the day's events as you hurry to work? Fret not, as Kirthana joins you on your morning commute, providing updates on everything you need to kick-start your day. From quick updates and rapid fires to expert discussions, the morning show offers a comprehensive blend of information and entertainment.

Masala Cafe

Right after the morning madness mellows down, Madhu jumps in to set the right tune to your day! He's your go-to companion for a mid-morning break, sparking engaging conversations, sharing smart travel advice, and playing games over a cup of tea.

Rock with Raaja

An hour-full of soulful songs of the Maestro Ilaiyaraja, dedicated to his hardcore fans. There’s just you and his music, nothing in between!

4 Mani Naan-Sense

Your mundane home run now has twice the fun, courtesy of our lively duo! With our very own Big Boss-return Bravo and the absolute livewire Nivedha, you'll find yourself unwinding and grinning from ear to ear as they entertain you with their playful banter and games.

Anbudan Naan

As you prepare to wind your day down, Priya steps in as your trusted confidante, ready to help lift the weight of any worries from your mind. With her, heartfelt and sincere conversations are assured, as she laughs and cries with you. In essence, she's the kind of friend you can always rely on.